alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Friday, July 2, 2010

Weed of the month

Mallow! It is actually a stomach tonic, but only if you need one. For me it is a deep rooted bother that turns up in anywhere I have cultivated once and not again. That is it finds a happy home around perennials, along the edges of the greenhouses, by water faucets, etc. The roots go to the center of the earth I think. It has geranium looking leaves and a sprawling nature. It knows I can't always get it out. When I chop it off, it tells me "I vill be bock" much like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say.

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  1. Your daughter, Ada, sent me the link to your blog. She is married to my cousin, Steven's son. She was hoping I was coming to the Carter family reunion this year as she could tell from my Facebook posts that I am also a gardener. Unfortunately I am not able to come this year, wish I could. I would love to meet you and share gardening stories. I live in Chelsea, Michigan, retired in 2009 and have been creating a new vegetable garden this year. Love to communicate with you. Susan