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Friday, February 18, 2011

Seed Catalogs

The catalogs are coming, the catalogs are coming!   I have been going through the seed bin and ordering new seed for this year.  It forces a discussion of what the general plan is for the garden year.  I am trying to stick to the New Year's resolution of more family, more friends, less stress, and more fishing, but the easiest part of gardening is picking out seeds to grow.  Last year, I used up quite a few odds and ends of seeds that were three years old and newer.  This year we have to order enough for this year and some seeds that will carryover for the next year also.  Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, squash, beans, and peas, for instance, don't seem to lose too much germination ability over that period.  Other seeds such as onions are really best that first year.  Cucumber's and melon's seed which are long and flat can get brittle in their packages and can break which ends their viability.  If I had time and inclination, I could move the seeds into dark glass jars for safe keeping, but instead I don't order too far ahead. I try to buy organic seeds, but there are some hybrids from non-organic sources I have been growing for over 20 years that I just can't give up on or find an adequate substitute. I highly recommend High Mowing Seed Company this year!

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