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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cucumber Beetle

This is a picture of my first cucumber beetle for 2011.  They are voracious eaters and if YOU want any produce, you will have to deal with them harshly.  They are not to be confused with ladybugs which are red and eat bugs and bug larva.  Instead, these guys can eat all the flowers of your cucumbers and squashes while you wait patiently for fruit to form.  No flower, no fruit.  I hand pick them for awhile and then use Neem to keep them away.  If they get out of control, I use Pyganic, a flower based insecticide.  They are not a bug you can "live with".

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  1. I haven't had those, but did have asparagus beetles and their nasty larva on my new asparagus plants last summer. Do you grow asparagus and if so, have you had those beetles?