alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Will the weather bring any substantial rain? Folks are getting nervous. Klamath Basin declared a drought emergency. Think mulch, lots of mulch to hold waterings from evaporating. Helps with weeds, also. Haven't done enough around here. Maybe that will be a goal for this year.

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  1. Hello Garden Lady,

    I started by tomatoes and peppers from seed in a garden mix (compost and soil) I ordered to create raised beds. I am using small plastic cells as the container. However, today I noticed that the soil within the individual cells is almost brick like. Even after watering, the soil is quite hard. I started the flats approximately a week ago under lights and with heating pads, yet none of the seeds have sprouted. Is there a special type of soil mix you use to start your seeds or am I over reacting?