alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Please use this site for any questions you might have off of the Diary of a Northwest Gardener blog. You may give information also. It can be anything related to the subject that might help folks have an easier time with their agricultural efforts. I am an organic farmer, so my answers will come from that slant.


  1. Hi Sara! Got your blog info from Ada, I'm Pat's cousin and live up in seattle area and my boyfriend and I are starting a small urban homestead (or trying... it's our first year with a sizable garden). One quick question- we are starting all our seeds in our basement under lights with heating pads. working out so far so good. but we just started our onions from seed and after they sprouted transplanted them in the ground last week. They are alot smaller than yours started in september. Will they do OK, and when can we expect to pull them up?
    Thanks for the blog!!!!

  2. They will probably struggle along and be fine in the end. Have confidence! Super wet weather would be their nemesis at this point.If you have a mild day, you could try giving them a hair-cut to strengthen the roots, like leave three inches. It also helps them not be so tipsy when they are little. Not sure what variety you planted to estimate pull date. Do you know if they are Walla Wallas or Spanish or? Good luck!