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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tomato germination?

A question came in about length of time for germination. I think if you are in doubt, maybe take a peek by lifting a seed gently out of the mix and see if it has swelled, is opening, or has rotted and squishy( I hope not). If your mix is turning hard after watering maybe the addition of a little perlite ( the white chi-chi balls you see in potting mixes), a heated silica product that does little but make spaces and help hold heat in the mix, can help lighten it. If seeds are kept at a cooler place, it will take longer to germinate. That is kinda why I do the paper towel in a warm place method; it seems to help with germination success. I am pulling for your seeds. Let me know and we can think about what is happening (or happened) some more.

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