alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bird Talk

Birds are stopping by on there way south and north. Nuthatches and chicadees check every bark scale on the trunk of the oak tree at our front door. Papa purple finch looked madly red compared to the subdued colors of his mate. The male robins are thick in the field when I walk out in the morning. They tweedle at me because I have forced them to move to the trees just to be on the safe side. A peregrin, maybe a young one or one establishing this neighborhood is his, has been squawking at me from around the edge of the garden and spending time hiding in the fir trees where the camo eludes my picking his form out of the surrounding branches. Vultures have returned from the south for the summer, swooping long glides with the feathered tips at the ends of their wings looking like stiff fingers stretching out. The goldfinches with their cute bright yellow accents drive the cat crazy with all there chatter as they work on dandelions dotting the same yellow in the grass. These mornings when the weather is dry, it is down right noisey in the garden.

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