alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I found a raccoon nest today. I saw two of them, a couple I would think. We talked to one another, well they hiss a little, and I moved some boards so they know I am not so happy about them living so close. The dog was going crazy, but don't worry, he is basically harmless. The raccoons knock things over and get into the recycle stuff. They swim in our little pond trying to catch the fish. I know they go out to the garden and mess around, but they don't bother much until there are melons and corn. I didn't want to kill them, and I couldn't tell if anyone was pregnant, but there were no babies, so I just urged them to live elsewhere or I would visiting again very soon. Pesky neighbors, dropping by all the time. We have a live trap and I could maybe move them , if I don't just trap the cat...

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