alpine flowers at Grey Rock

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I can't control the weather. If I could I would call for a few sunny days in a row right now. As far ahead as the garden was, now I am right back a couple of weeks behind. I base that on what the plants are doing. Usually, we would have asparagus coming out of or ears by the middle of April. That's a funny saying and picture, too. The crops I planted outdoors are doing little to nothing and I will end up with a giant gap in production because of it. In summer, I would call for a rain about every ten days. That would be perfect, and wildfires would no longer plague our area. Meanwhile, second guessing the weather, I started the next round of spinach, lettuce, napa cabbage, etc., in 32 cell trays to transplant when the weather does want to cooperate.

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